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 The journal
N.33 - JULY 2016  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Interview with Claude Picasso
N.32 - MAY 2016  >> Watch the vidéos
N.31 - NOVEMBER 2015  >> Watch the vidéos
N.30 - JULY 2015  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso et la fabrique de bouteille par Grégory Carteaux
N.29 - MAY 2015  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso and the making of the bottle by Grégory Carteaux
N.28 - FEBRUARY 2015  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Louise and Michel Leiris and the «relentless trailblazer by the name of Picasso».
N.27 - NOVEMBER 2014  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso, the Legend and the Museum
N.26 - JULY 2014  >> Watch the vidéos
>> From Barcelona rooftops to la Vie
N.25 - APRIL 2014  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso's Dealers in the United States: Samuel M. Kootz (1898–1982)
N.24 - NOVEMBER 2013  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Marie Cuttoli, collector, tapestry entrepreneur, and patron of the arts.
N.23 - AUGUST 2013  >> Watch the vidéos
>> To create is to resist
N.22- MAY 2013  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Olga Khokhlova, Ballerina, and Picasso
N.21 - MARCH 2013  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Reflections on Peasant Girls from Andorra
N.20 - DECEMBER 2012  >> Watch the vidéos
>> The paintings make the painter
N.19 - JULY 2012  >> Watch the vidéos
>> The Little Gallery Owner and the Great Artist by Marianne Le Morvan
N.18 - APRIL 2012  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso's paper
N.17 - JANUARY 2012  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso’s Iconography (1905-1907)
N.16 - NOVEMBER 2011  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Jean Cassou and World Affairs
N.15 - JULY 2011  >> Watch the vidéos
N.14 - MAY 2010  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso and the Banderillero
N.13 - JANUARY 2011  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso's Pick
N.12 - OCTOBER 2010  >> Watch the vidéos
>> the Word, the Text and the Illustrated Book
N.11 - JULY 2010  >> Watch the vidéos
>> La Peau de l'Ours
N.10 - MAY 2010  >> Watch the vidéos
N.9 - JANUARY 2010  >> Watch the vidéos
>> The Friendship
N.8 - OCTOBER 2009  >> Watch the vidéos
>> An Aborted Myth
N.7 - JULY 2009  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso's Conservatism
N.6 - MAY 2009  >> Watch the vidéos
>> The « Femme étendue » series
N.5 - FEBRUARY 2009  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Picasso the Tricskter
N.4 - NOVEMBER 2008  >> Watch the vidéos
>> Statuary in Picasso's Last Sculptures
N.3 - JULY 2008  >> Watch the vidéos
>> At the Picasso museum in Antibes
N.2 - MAY 2008  >> Watch the vidéos
>> The aura put to the test of reproduction
N.1 - JANUARY 2008  >> Watch the vidéos
>> The reserve after the profusion
 The articles
A legend "In camera" In 1994, in the catalogue of the exhibition " Picasso and Photography ", we established that the works painted in Horta de Ebro...

Picasso's The Kitchen In 1937, Picasso rented a flat and studio in the heart of Paris, on the left bank of the Seine, in the former hôtel de Savoie-Carignon...

Inside Picasso's Writin Laboratory Picasso, a poet? It might be useless today to recall that Picasso dedicated himself to writing for a long time...

Sleepwatchers A Picasso watercolor of the Blue period, presents the artist at twenty-three. He is ding none of the things self-portrayed artists usually do.

Picasso's endgame Begin with a work from near the beginning of Picasso’s career—a painting of 1901. It portrays a handsome young woman, perhaps a courtesan...

 The symposium
 Works, and Stories

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